Raymond Molinar.

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Orland, CA

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I went up to Orland last weekend- took 3 buses and 1 train for 13 hours. My grandparents own an olive orchard up there. We stayed with my great aunt who is 94.

When I was up there I just wanted to come home. Now I just want to go back.







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Our first solo art show.

symbiotic postcard together

Please come and talk with us or meet us if you have not. :)

Sincerely, Ashlie

Box Eight Gallery Show

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A couple weeks ago Adam Kupratis, the founder of LIP, curated an art show at Box Eight Gallery in Los Angeles. We made a small debut of our work in progress, but almost finished, Symbiotic.

On a juvenile note, lots of boyfriends/girlfriends got awkward, 500 hipsters drank mohitos like water, I cried in the parking lot, and some one decided to invite Miley Cyrus.